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20 high-end gaming PC’s strapped with the latest components, to ensure premium gaming experience. We’ve handpicked and paired each PC with Logitech’s gaming mice, keyboards, and headsets to complete the build.

PC not your thing? Well we haven’t forgotten about you console players! EZY Mode will have a dedicated console area filled with Xbox’s, PlayStation’s, and Nintendo Switch’s.

A fully functioning café/bar will be available for everyone to use. We will also have TV’s in viewing areas so you can enjoy watching some live gaming action while relaxing in the café with a coffee, tea, or even a beer.


Gamers of Windsor have a need. That need is to have a place of their own, a place where they meet like-minded people, build lasting friendships, and have a great time. We know that EZY Mode will be that place! 

Founders of EZY Mode 

Copyright 2019

EZY Mode is a new and innovative eSports lounge, bringing popular video games to the Windsor audience using multiple top of the line competitive platforms

EZY Mode’s founders grew up playing games with friends together at a house, inviting them over for LAN parties, staying up all night eating chips, and drinking pop. The heart of EZY Mode is to build a society of gamers who grew up the same way; where they can enjoy what they love together with like-minded people and make memories.

We don’t stop at the systems! To make sure your hours of gameplay are comfortable and go off without a hitch, we’ve provided some professional gaming chairs. If that doesn’t make you feel like a top performing gamer, I don’t know what will!

To complete the experience, we want to make sure gamers are fully stocked up to play all day long! We will have pop, chips, desserts, and delicious ready meals available.